What's your best light weight delicious meal recipe?

I love eating home made meals on a hike. But that also means I carry heavy on a multi day trail. My best meal is lentil curry and white rice made on a fire. Its warm comforting and tastes like home. What’s yours?

Small packet of instant Smash with enough powdered biltong, mix in 2 mini tub butters and I’m a happy hiker. Quick warm meal and loaded with enough calories to sleep well on cold nights.


This is a great topic, as I often find it really hard to find things in SA that work well for the type of hiking I do. So would be keen to hear anyone else’s tips and ideas.

If I can get away with it I just want to be adding hot water to a bowl and not cooking in the actual pot (Mess, effort and weight). This means I tend to end up having a lot of couscous with spices and frozen veg, plus olive oil to flavour.

Lunch has become all grain wraps and hard cheese of some sort, which is great. I have found little peanut butter sachets these days, so those might start working their way in as well.

The thing I have never been able to find in SA is dehydrated refried beans, which are fantastic. Flavourful and go well in any form. So if anyone has any leads, I would love to hear :slight_smile:

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For my curried lentils, I add some oil, garlic, ginger, salt and mixed curry spices and oil to lentils at home. And put it in a plastic jar that I can burn afterwards. At camp I just add about same amount of water and cook for 15 minutes. The rice is also salted at home, premeasured and taken along I a ziplock bag. I’ve made a meal for 12 people already like this on Amatola and the weight distribution worked out to about 80 grams pp.

Bring it to the boil, then wrap in towel, then in sleeping bag for 20 minutes. Uses less fuel, less chance of burnt food

Awesome :slightly_smiling_face: will do. Thanks for the tip :+1:t3:

If you hike a lot then the same meals do become tiresome after a while. There is several options see below:
Bachelor aka Easy
Just order it or buy it and pack it. An old getaway article summarises vendors that sell freeze dried or sun dried mixes. I like the raw food company best, but too each his own.

The do it yourself
If you have an oven then there is no veggy you cant dry. As both meat and fish can be pickled, dried etc. there should not be a meal you cant make.

The all inclusive wrap:

  • Wraps vacuum packed
  • Melrose/L cow cheese wedges
  • Packets tuna
  • mini cucumbers
  • pepedews/chilli

Try to mix it up by using salami sticks to replace biltong as meat.

Bacon veg pasta:

  • dried bacon bits
  • freeze dried peas
  • pasta Royco s. (three cheeeeeeeses)
  • pasta

Karoo fusion :wink:

  • biltong
  • sun dried tomatoes
  • sun dried mushrooms
  • sweet n sour Royco s.
  • Smash

Dehydrated ready-mixed-meals at www.therawfoodcompany.com. Just add water & cook. Tastes like home-cooked meals. Voted best hiking meals in the country by Getaway Magazine, twice.


The standard affair, (ready mix): Smash, Couscous, Noodles, Pasta and Quinoa. add a taster.
Cup-a-soup sachets after each meal.
Dry biscuits
Jungle oats porridge.
I keep condiments to a minimum:
Olive oil
A dinky of Balsamic vinegar
Braai Salt
Garlic powder
Lemon salt
Raisins (kind of sneak them into anything or plain for an energy burst!)
Cranberries if you can get them
Loving Energade jelly sweeties
Hard cheese, Parmesan block style, again shaved in for taste
Triangle cheese (Im sure its not healthy, but they do last on the trail unrefrigerated)
Biltong (obviously)
Salami I find it frys well and then mix with Noodles, Couscous Quinoa or Smash.
Tuna cans. - the sachets I find are a waste of time, when comparing weights to cans in equal quantities. (Plus the Oil is useful)
Sardine I add a small can to tuna for additional flavouring fry the sardines and Tuna in olive oil sprinkle vinegar, then add to Couscous.
Dried vegetables Ive not had much joy with yet.
Coffee I don’t share coffee: My Aeropress has usurped my stove top job.
Something alcoholic, Whisky or Witblitz.


Thanks for sharing :sparkling_heart:

A buddy and I once went on a week long trip with only plain Tiger oats. Nothing else, three times a day. Wrote a story on it that appeared in a local newspaper, will see if I can find it.

Pre-cooked and dehydrated mince prepared at home with flavored rice or pasta with salami and arabiata sauce also works for me.

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