Where can I get a hooded shirt?

I would like to buy a hooded shirt like what this guy has:

Does anyone know where I can get something similar?

I don’t mind waiting 2 weeks for shipping if it’s from an online store.

And I’m a student, so a low price would be great.

I found this but I’m scared that the shipping may not be very reliable:

A couple of options. Decathlon is available locally and the shipping on Amazon is solid:

Hi @Arno

What shipping option do you use for amazon?

@Spaniel They basically have Standard and Priority, so depends on how quickly you want your purchase to arrive. I think they use DHL, but I’ve never had an issue with an order from Amazon.

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Patagonia isn’t cheap here but they do sell their Tech Hoody locally. For hot weather their Tropic Comfort series has a lot of good reviews but doesn’t seem to be stocked here.

Expensive again, but you can also get Black Diamonds Alpen Glow locally. Might be a bit heavy if it’s for hot weather hiking though, as I think it is a bit more climbing focused.

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Ive got a First Ascent hoodie shirt, something like this, (I think) mine was flecked grey Men's Logan Fleece 1/4 Zip Hoodie - First Ascent

Another option is to looking at a fishing shop? I was fishing down the wild coast with a friend who had a light weight long sleeve hoddie shirt from basil manning? I didnt take too much notice so not sure on what the material is but guessing it ticks most of your boxes as the application is the same. If anything the sun protection would be concentrated more on. Let us know what you go with and how it performs


I have ordered one from Amazon will give a full review once I get it.

Look on www.decathlon.co.za. Something like this/

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Xplorer Fly Fishing. In Durban. Xplorer UV Fishing Hoodies - OLD - Xplorer Fly Fishing

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Hei man!! Go check out Poseidon Apparel on instagram. The shipping takes like a week or two but it the only budget Sunhoodie I could find!

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I paid about R350 for a daiwa branded long sleeve quick dry hooded top. It’s really great.

Purchased from kingfisher in Durban around February. Can’t find it on their online store now though, only some newer designed tops with increased prices. Perhaps you can check in store if they still have the old stock.

There’s also Basil Manning


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How hot does this fleece make you? I am looking for a fleece jacket and this looks nice. But if you recommend this one for a hooded shirt then I don’t know if it is quite what I am looking for.

It’s not that hot - it’s a tight weave not really a fleece but thick synthetic shirt.
It’s very stretchy and provides more of a wind barrier than thermal. Great over a warm open weave jersey or over a down jacket to give some physical protection
Weirdly it doesn’t fit into one category nor the other and is pretty useless to be honest, but I really like mine.
Really good to wear in the evenings in the East coast tropics when you’re feeling sun kissed

I have one as well and it is fairly warm for me…more a second mid layer…not really a base layer.