Where is this waterfall?

Can anyone tell me the exact coordinates of this waterfall?

I always see it on social media but I have no clue where it is.
All I know is that it is somewhere in or around Bains Kloof.



There’s a few pics of it on the Hiking South Africa Instagram page. Perhaps try to get hold of one of the photographers (they’re always credited)? It seems to be a winter destination; might very well dry up in high-summer.

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Seems to be the most secret waterfall in the Boland Mountains.
All I’ve been told before is that if you start at the Tweede Tol picnic site and walk up the Witriver until a major tributary from the south joins the main river. Walk up the tributary.
Hope this helps a bit.

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Hi Spaniel.
Your first problem is that Bains Kloof is closed for 2021 for repairs. Sad but true. They are only letting residents in. When open the proper access will be to get a “Rock Hoppers Trail” permit from Cape Nature. Then you park on Bains Kloof at a certain spot, drop down to the river and up a tributary. This area is now being spoilt by too many visitors so I would prefer not to give the co-ords publicly. Pls email me on tony@ddesign.co.za . I will send you a PDF on the hike. For info pls check my site on https://www.hiddenplaces.co.za

That is the Waterfall up the river from the Tweedetol campsite. Day visitors are not allowed there - only campers.

Yes, I have been there many times. We keep it a secret so to keep the spray painting people away that ruin the rocks and scenery etc :rofl: