Where to buy material and accessories for making gear

I’ve been meaning to make some accessories for my pack that I can’t find locally and would cost a lot to import. Shoulder pocket and water bottle holder, plus some water proof stuff sacks. I’m just struggling to find anywhere locally that will sell me ripstop nylon in small quantities or other technical fabrics. I’ve tried a couple of material stores and just been brushed off.

Anyone have any suggestions? Online or in Cape Town would be great. I’m also looking for somewhere that I can buy small components like adjustable toggles for line, small buckles, decent quality 3mm line etc. I have a bunch of little projects in mind but have really been unable to easily find any of the materials without just buying something else to breakdown.

Any guidance would be awesome!

Maybe a good kitesurfing repair shop if anyone knows one?

Have you tried Hayford Traders? https://hayfordtraders.co.za/

I’m not sure how small of a quantity they would sell, but they were very friendly when I asked about fabrics a few years ago :slight_smile:

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Thanks Ruth!

Will have a look through their site. I’m in Joburg every so often, so will have to send them an email and see if popping by and asking questions would be an option :sweat_smile:

@Jaxz Hi there, Try http://www.ropeworld.co.za

They based in Retreat, Cape Town. Their waterproof sacks are way way cheaper than other places and very very durable.

You’ll probably find everything you need there.

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Thanks Kareemah,

I will give them a look when I’m that side. Looks like the sort of place I would be happy just wondering around imagining projects :slight_smile:

@Jaxz Glad I could help :+1:t3:

Hey @Jaxz. I have no info on material ect, but will gladly pay if you can make me a pair. I’m looking for some shoulder bottle holders for my Golite Jampack.

Hi @Vivo101, if I ever actually get anywhere with my plans I’ll let you know :sweat_smile:

Hi. I’m a new member and I hope I’m not too late to reply.

Depending on what type of material you’re looking for, you can get most of what you need from Union Canvas or similar. I purchased some ripstop canvas from Union Canvas in Durban - R120 bucks for 1 meter (1,5m wide). Out of that I’ve made pouches for cooking gear, electrical gear and just finished up a satchel for light day walks.

You can get Cordura as well from UberTex Durban (I haven’t bought yet but will do in the new year).

If you not based in Durban, I’m happy to send pics and buy what you need and send it on to you.

Hope that helps.

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No, definitely not too late! Nice getting together a bit of a list here, as I can imagine this is stuff people will be looking for in the future.

Thanks for the info, and appreciate the offer to help out with it. I pop through Durban every so often, will have to try stop by them and have a look.

Might need to borrow a sewing machine and think this through :sweat_smile: Too many things to learn!