Where to get this map series


hi there. I got this map a while ago but only bought number 1 in the series and now need no 2 but can’t seem to find them in the shops. Any idea where I can find then?


you can order it online from Mountain Mail Order:

it is however normally stocked by Drifters, some Cape Union Marts and Outdoor Warehouses etc. Perhaps phone around in your area. Or order online :slight_smile:


You can also get them at most Ezemvelo offices - usually R50 per map (it has been the same price for about 10 years now).


Also at Hikers Paradise in Centurion at R120


Thanks for the feedback. I did try them with no luck.


Thank you sooo much. Found them. Just waiting for confirmation of stock.


Hi there, got mine from Hikers Paradise in Centurion. I’d suggest you call first before driving out to checking if they have stock available


Thanks Lerato. I thought I would find them there so i poped in when i drove past but no luck