Which Fire Maple cooking stove

Can you please give advice from your personal experience on which Fire maple stove is best to use.
I’ve read the reviews on the fire maple fms 105 (fire pot hiking stove) and also the review on the fire maple fms 118 stove (fire fleet).
Which one is the best to use for hiking.
Any advice?
I know there are other brands but prices are very expensive.

I cannot comment on Fire Maple myself as Ive never used one. I have a Naturehike one from Takealot and absolutely love it, it is my go-to stove for all hikes now.
It is pretty compact and light and unfolds nicely with very sturdy legs.
Has a self ignition piezo system and the throttle is easily adjusted.
Not cheap though but I am very glad I purchased it, cheaper than MSR


…and the winner is: The Pocket Rocket (by MSR) forget the piezo ignition… simply carry a small lighter with its cheaper and easier to replace.

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I agree on the pocket rocket, never had an issue in the 8 years of use, I also have a jetboil zip but find I pack the MSR instead. Its a little bit more expensive, but you get what you pay for.

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Love my pocket rocket but hardly ever use it as it is a blowtorch, I need even heat around my pan when making pancakes and pizzas on my hikes.
Pocket Rocket is only good for me to boil water quickly.

Yes it’s pricey - but look at the weight! Coupled with a heat exchange stove https://www.capeunionmart.co.za/products/fire-maple-fire-fly-xk6-1-litre-pot/161626-0000.html and it’s a great hiking setup (other than stability) must confess that I’m a fan if the jetboil options currently have a Windburner Duo (for family cooking) and getting a Jetboil for individual multi day use for its fuel efficiency whereas the fire maple 116 is just so light.

I also have had the fire maple 105 and 103 the 105 is pretty amazing extremely stable ideal for vehicle based camping