WhooHoo - Who's going where?

Felt like I was trapped in an oorwurm of “I want to break free”, a tad strong boa-constriction and long-suffering we’d become.

Our 1st plan was to zip down to Injisuthi, go up Leslie’s pass via Marble Baths, sleeping there too and one night (maybe 2) on the escarpment, back down Judges via Centenary Hut or surrounds and out.
But Injisuthi has seen a savage fire just last night, I say savage but hardly know all the details, been trying to get through to them but to no avail. So we’ll see how this cookie crumbles.

What else? Where else?

Also thought The Wolkberg. some info gathering is required though. Then there’s the Cederberg, we live the Teng so longer leave would have to be booked. Mein Gott!!! I can’t contain this, feel like a dog who’s just heard the car keys rattle…


What else? Where else?

Check out: www.rimofafrica.co.ca for your ultimate South African long distance mountain traverse (starts on the 24 September… better hurry ;)) then there’s the www.geckotrail.co.za… adventure wilderness hiking in the Cape Fold Mountains!
or ever considered the Naukluft hiking trail in Namibia? Or climbing the Mountains of the Moon in Uganda… to 5109m? Or just a stroll up Sudan’s 3040m peak of Jebel Mara or Ethiopia’s 4550m Ras Dejen? Hey, Africa is your Oyster!!! If you need some more inspirations just call at no commission.

Wolkberg is Epic! Contact the crew at Hiking Magoebaskloof (see FB link below); also a few websites with deets.

Winter through Spring is prime Cederberg time so it will be well worth the trip - green(ish) and lots of water; maybe some snow
Oorlogskloof - flower time and the area will be gorgeous. Also a couple of great 4 / 5 day hikes and plenty of day hiking; visit Papkuilsfontein; epic
Amatola - a bit closer than the Cederberg and a great hike and challenge; anytime

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All sounds excellent.
We’ve booked for Wolkberg, 5 days/4nights

Cederberg most certainly on my list, not sure for this year though, we’ll see?
Oorlogskloof too, read up years back that three biomes meet in that space, if you like plants, as I do, this’ll also invigorate the experience.

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5 of us will be tackling the Drakensberg Grand Traverse from 19 to 28 September. I can’t wait!

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How’s the fitness?

I was actually on that group for a bit, but backed out on account of having chicken lips. :grin:

…still an 8-day or now 10?

We’re prepping hard! :sweat_smile:

We’re going to start hiking early on the 19th of September, and the end date is 28 September although we haven’t yet decided on the travel logistics (we might stop hiking on the 27th and then drive back on the 28th).