Whos tried the Naturehike ultralight backpack?

Hi guys, Im looking for a lighter backpack, more ultralight, Ive seen the NH 40L ultra light one. Has anyone ever tried it?

And or Ive seen a few people make their own? How?

I’ve got the 60L version. Really wanted to like this pack but it has quite a few issues, the biggest being the shoulder straps.

They contain what feels like dense EVA foam which is way too firm and digs into your shoulders.

It’s made worse by the straps not being angled in any kind of ergonomic way where they are sewn into the pack.
The frame is also concave to allow for back ventilation but this only further drives the shoulder straps into your neck.

I mitigate the issue by leaving the sternum strap fairly loose so that the shoulder straps sit further down on my shoulders, but I’m going to eventually remove the straps and restitch them on at a better position and angle.

If you’re still interested at this point I can go into the other issues :sweat_smile:, but they’re relatively minor.

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I’ve used the 60L a few times and, as @jonfoggs says, the pack isn’t perfect, but if the weight is kept below 16kg, it’s a lovely pack if light weight is your main concern. I like the look of it too , and the big, mesh “stuff-it” pouch on the front works well - I thought I’d miss having a lid, but the stuff-it pouch is great for grab-and-go items.

If you’ve used an Osprey pack, you will miss the ability to reach your water bottles with the pack still on your back (unless you have super yoga shoulders), but other than that, for lightweight hiking enthusiasts, I’d definitely recommend it.

I tried the NatureHike Ultralight 60L backpack and unfortunately I had to send it back in the end. I have a shorter torso, and the internal metal pole pushed into my lower back when I was wearing the backpack and could not be adjusted. I agree that the shoulder straps were not well designed. Definitely not my favourite backpack. I have since switched to an Osprey Eja and it is fantastic, although pricey.

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Super interesting! I also have the 60L lightweight pack and thus far it has held me good. I would’ve liked for it to be slightly wider, but the mesh pockets are great and hold all of my food for a multi-day hike.