Wild coast not-so-tough 4-5 days hike options?

I am looking at this: http://wildcoast.org.za/index.html

But most of the links are dead. Has anyone done this one? I am a solo hiker and do not have a car, so I have to plan in advance - book bus tickets and taxis, and also need to figure out about tides, apparently! I can use any advice, am aiming for the end of March or the beginning of April (2022.)

It has been some time since I have hiked along the Wild Coast. Keep on searcing for operators who can offer you a space. There are a number of options in different areas. What is very important however, is to go with a group AND a local guide. Some areas are not safe at all, and when you are not with a guide, you can get into trouble. Be careful. But it is a wonderful stretch of our coast to hike.

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Thanks a lot, sounds very reasonable! I got a response over email from the person mentioned at the bottom of the article Wild Coast Hike - Hiking South Africa, who told me that trail policy does not allow solo option.

They gave me some options for group. Could you give me an idea if this is the usual price list, please? I am not familiar with packages costs, so better to have a second opinion :slight_smile:

" Here are the options to choose from:
Wild Coast sun to port St Johns 8 days 7 nights R6000.00pp
Wild Coast sun to Mbotyi 5 days 4 nights R4500.00.
Wild Coast sun t to Msikaba 3 days 2 nights R3000.00.
Msikaba to Mbotyi 3 days 2 nights R3000.00.
Msikaba to Port St Johns 5 days 4 nights R4500.00.

Prices include:
Accommodation with bedding.
Guides fee.
Nature reserve entrance fee.
Shuttle back to start point or trail head."

Okay, there you have some options. The tariffs are kind of the usual rate and not too high. I would recommend the northern part of the coast, which is wilder and more dramatic in scenery. That means either the Msikaba to Mbotyi or the Msikaba to Port St Johns trip. If you can, do the latter one. That will be great. Enjoy!

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Thank you so much!! Your suggestion helps a lot. After your advice, I am leaning towards the last option, it also fits the number of days I want to go for. Cheers!