Wild Coast Suggestions

Hi Everyone!

I was wondering if anyone has experience on guided hikes on the Wild Coast (Not Amatola). I have heard stories of some lodges offering day or multiday guided hikes to lodgers. When I say lodge, I mean bushcamp or safari lodge. This can be to explore specific areas in particular.

I do not necessarily want to take a hike out to hole in the wall, but would like to explore the local flora. A guide who knows the trickier ups and downs of ravines would therefore be ideal.

I know there is another wild coast guided hike between Port Shep and Coffee Bay, but not too sure if this would be the right call. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

If I missed a previous post when searching the forum, please be so kind as to link it in the comments.


For hiking between Port St John’s and Port Edward there is a very good guide by the name of Siya 0710084989

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Have a read into this article,https://www.hikingsouthafrica.co.za/wild-coast-hike/, there are a few guided walks which you should find on the internet. Some places also have back packers/ tented camps. I think they located at msikaba, luphutana, Manteku and Ntufuf and then port st johns. Maybe one at port grosvenour (but you’d easily walk from msikaba to Luphutana in a day).

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