Wilderness / wild camping trails outside Western Cape

Hi everyone! I’m looking for info on wild camping areas outside the Western Cape, but still within reasonable driving distance from Cape Town (up to 5ish hours).

I took leave for next week hoping to spend five days in Cederberg, but with heavy rain predicted I’m looking for alternatives that are equally remote and ‘wild’. I want to be off the beaten path and be able to pitch my tent anywhere. I’ve scoured the internet and can’t find anything. Any info will be appreciated!

There are very few places you can get to outside the Western Cape that are within a 5 hour drive. Even Oudtshoorn and George are 5 hour drives. Maybe Sutherland is one of the few places outside the WC within 5 hours. The closest wilderness area would probably be the Baviaanskloof between Willowmore and Humansdorp in the Eastern Cape but that is at least an 8-hour drive from Cape Town.

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Thanks, yes, the 5 hours part wasn’t thought through that well! Do you know if one could wildcamp at Baviaanskloof? I looked online and for the reserve itself it’s not clear if it is allowed.

I am not sure but I doubt it. It is a very rugged reserve. You could try contact them and ask.
Komdomo Office: 087 286 6494
Senior Reserve Manager: 079 496 7978