Wolberg Cracks & Arch

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We are doing the cracks and the arch this weekend from Sanddrif side. I wanted to find out if anyone has info for me about water near the Arch this time of the year. I’ve never been to the Arch before and we are planning on camping there for the night.

I hear there is a nice cool-down spot about 2km away towards Gabrieskloof.

Any advice or info on what the water situation up there looks like would be much appreciated!

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Gabrielskloof is your best bet. Can’t comment on current water levels.

Thanks @Arno

Found out from people that visited the Arch a week ago that there is a decent amount of water Gabrielskloof’s side.


Thinking of doing exactly this myself for Wifey’s and my anniversary - Not been for three years so curious to know if there are any changes.

Either that or Crystal pools From Algeria (much longer and Im still walking in the knee.

Ive not yet had a reply from Sanddrift so wondering if theres any pre booking necessary?
Last time I was there, there was water about 2 km North of the Arch and about 1km towards the cracks.


We did the Algeria - Crystal Pool hike a couple of weekends ago, beautiful and lots of water points but yes definitely a longer walk (especially going up Groot Hartseer) but Crystal Pools is just so beautiful :slight_smile:

Wolfberg trip this weekend was amazing, my first time there so obviously blown away by the arch and cracks and the surrounds, we were also lucky being alone at the Arch until after sunset. I emailed Sanddrif that we were planning the trip and organised overnight permits from Cape Nature for the Arch and then for parking your car at the cracks and hiking up there we got permits early before our hike at Sanddrif. Apparently you can also organise telephonically would you want to start early but we had to still drive in from CT and they open at 8am.

And yes, there was water 2.3km from the Arch towards Gabrielskloof (so 4.6 return). Not a lot but good enough to refill and apparently there is a bigger pool 2mins walk on but we wanted to head back to the arch so can’t confirm on that one.

Ive booked my overnight - 17th year anniversary!

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Hope you have a magical trip!

Despite whatever the staff at Dwarsriver office for Cape Nature permit tell you.
the ground surrounding the reed grass around the “water holes” is dry not even damp, no moisture found when digging here either.
Walked 100m up and down Gabriels pass from the Swemgat and its all bone dry.

That said heres full moon at Wolfberg Arch.


So sorry to hear about the water situation, hope you guys had enough with you!

When we were there there was a fair amount along the river bank but didn’t go to Daniels’ Swemgat.

The full moon at the Arch must have been worth it though! :slight_smile: