Bloupunt trail (Montagu)

Hi there, I’d like to find out whether the Bloupunt trail is a very technical hike with lots of exposure. Looking to try it in June - is this a hike that 2 people can do alone?

Are you referring to the Bloupunt Trail in Montagu?

Hi Arno, yes that’s the one!

It is fairly exposed in certain parts, but absolutely doable for anyone who doesn’t have an extreme fear of heights. Not overly technical at all, just a bit rough in parts.

It is a big day though (distance and elevation gain), so strong legs and good fitness will definitely make for a more pleasant experience.

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Thanks for the advice Arno, appreciate it! Will get training :grin:

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Hi Latisha,

I agree with Arno!

Some things to note are:
Take sufficient liquid, for the entire journey, even although there is water to refill if needed.
Besides some exposure higher up, on the way down, it gets steep, rocky in places, and loose in some places too. If wet, things can be slippery. Ensure that boots, or trail shoes have good grip.
I’ve both hiked it, and trail run there.
You’ll enjoy it for sure, and take many :camera:
See the article:
Bloupunt Hiking Trail – Montagu Mountain Reserve – No Speed Limit](Bloupunt Hiking Trail – Montagu Mountain Reserve – No Speed Limit)

Enjoy the :mountain::national_park:,

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