Drakensberg Grand Traverse Hike

Hi Guys!

I have come over from the UK following completing my uni studies to visit the SA living half of my family based in Knysna and with the intention of exploring SA. I have also always had in mind exploring the Drakensberg using the Grand Traverse as my post-study reward because, it is not far from where I was born (in Bethlehem a small town just outside of Lesotho) and is very well recommended.
Originally I was going to undertake it towards the end of this month however, due to the virus the dates can’t be specified. I would still like to go ahead with the hike once it becomes possible to do so which hopefully, will be not tooo long after lockdown has concluded and we’re free to roam again!

Currently, it is only myself planning to go however, it would be awesome to have some company for safety, sanity, and friendship. And so if anyone is interested in blowing off the cobwebs after a long lockdown please get in touch, I’d be thrilled to meet some new and interesting people with whom share the same drive for exploration and to share in the fun of such a hike :slight_smile:
Feel free to either reply directly or if you would rather use WhatsApp my number is +44(0)7506366033.

Hope everyone’s well and staying safe from the virus!

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Here’s a thread…

Best of luck.

This is brilliant, thank you for linking me, much appreciated :slight_smile: