First Ascent Hurricane vs K-Way Rainstorm

Sorry if this has been asked before but are there any K-way Rainstorm iwners with any feedback.

The Cape Union Mart website doesn’t say much about tech specs. I haven’t been in store yet to check it out.

Hey Danny. No real world experience here with these jackets, but have sent a snotty email to Cape Union in the last month about their website so I’m feeling you :neutral_face: I don’t like doing the grumpy email thing, as online retail is tough in SA. But I don’t like when companies sell products that have safety implications with no information. It is particularly bad with their sleeping bags.

Between the two if it is for frequent wet weather hikes with a pack on, the added pit zips and higher pockets on the First Ascent would sell me. Bit heavy though.

The K-Way as far as I can see is indistinguishable from this Decathlon NH100 except 3x as expensive and heavier.

MH500 Bit cheaper than the first ascent but heavier. And light and cheap if you are just looking for a backup to have in your pack NH100.

Have not used these, but having a good experience in general with Decathlon at the moment.

EDIT: Spotted that the K-Way has adjustable cuffs. Which can be nice to have if you are scrambling in rainwear, definitely preferable to straight elasticated. Not sure if it makes up 600 bucks in difference though.

@Jaxz thank you for the input. I love K-way but the oack of details doesn’t help maybe its a strategy to get people into the stores but the staff are clueless and the labels don’t really help either.

I have always just casted the idea of buying Decathlon out of my mind. But I’ve been hearing good things about Decathlon.

The Hurricane is on sale at the moment but I doubt it will still be by the time I have cash for that.

The Hurricane is a far superior jacket and at 50% off you need to make a plan if you can (think there’s only XS, XL and XXL left). Triple layer membrane, pit zips, athletic fit, YKK zips, drawstrings, reinforced shoulders and elbows etc. Pretty much the full spec for a high-end rain jacket.

The Rainstorm looks rather basic; haven’t seen it close up but doesn’t seem like you get much for the price.

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I have the FA hurricane which I can recommend (as a bias opinion if that helps you). As mentioned it may be slightly heavier but I prefer the robustness this gives it especially in the berg when one needs a reliable waterproof jacket. The quality is good and I have used it a lot over the past 3 years with no complaints at all…
I am not 100% sold on kway, I would rather spend more on First Ascent garments which I personally believe generally are superior (bar some of kway high end stuff, which FA have their equivalent) .
That being said I am interested in decathlon. Whilst on the camino 2 years ago I bought a pair of tech pants at a decathlon in Ponferrada and still use them almost on a weekly basis. Unfortunately no decathlon on KZN yet so can’t judge the quality on rain jackets etc. Those price tags do grab my curiosity…

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Good point re the weight - the lighter the jacket the less durable and waterproof it will be. The triple-layer membrane and reinforcement guarantees years of proper waterproofing but the cost is the added weight.

Yup and my hurricane has seen grease/liquor residue from bar counters/mud its been vacuum packed/ scrunched down into its smallest form/ scraped through bushes (no tear) soaked for hours in torrential down pours and Its still going strong. Durability receives my stamp of approval. I would rather buy the right item once than regrettably swipe the credit card a few months down the line :joy:

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This is the data that matters.

I don’t normally have bad weather when I hike. But when the heavens open I want a reliable option.

I will try to grab a Hurricane.

I have the FA Hurricane Jacket for hiking, and can say that it is by far the best, even although a Medium weighs 475g. Durable when carrying a heavy backpack. If FA doesn’t have your size, try:
On the super light side, I have the Inov8 Men’s StormShell Jacket, for trail running.

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Completely agree with your Inov-8 comment. Their gear is perfect for fastpacking/running in the mountains. Super light and designed for the frosty, wet and windy fells of the UK.

I also have a Bold Gear (local CPT company) waterproof. Slightly heavier than the Inov-8 kit but warmer and very waterproof. Use it for all my self supported missions on the Drakensberg escarpment. It doubles as my windproof and waterproof. I also have their water proof pants which are comfy and light. Both 20 000 Mm water column rating.
They are a tad expensive though, but good!

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Also a fan of Inov-8 waterproof set for light and fast missions.
The K-Way Squall Tech waterproof jacket may be more in line with the FA Hurricane though. I haven’t tested the Hurricane but the Squall is lighter by 113g. Its’s relatively stretchy and therefore comfortable, but solid in heavy rainfall. The adjustable cuffs and roll-away, integrated hood are nice features as well. Same price as the “On Sale” Hurricane.

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I had a look at various jackets, including the K-Way Squall Tech.
Yet the specs are:
Polyester +TPU printed film 8k/3k used for main body

Yeah I would go Decathlon over K-way every time. Decathlon is huge in Europe where they actually see snow pretty often so you know there gear can handle some weather. There are also tons of reviews from all over the world on every item so you can really do some research on the stuff. They also have the most incredible policy on your gear with warranty’s and all that. K-way on the other hand only exists here.

Take a look at Decathlons down jacket for example. Under R1000, 800 fill power! (and ethically sourced) K-way you only get 650 at almost double the price. Decathlon is superb <3