Garmin watches

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Is there a market for ‘pre-owned’ Garmin watches?

Depending on condition and warranty I’d be open to looking at previously loved Garmin watches…probably look at trading up on mine too.

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There certainly is one. Bought mine used.

Garmins, especially the nicer ones, tend to hold their resale value a lot better than other smartwatches. Even older Forerunners en Fenix watches are still worth something.

e.g. Watches & Wearables For Sale | Classifieds | Bike Hub

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Yes, there is!
I advertised my Garming VivoSport Band here, on Gumtree, and on BikeHub.
It was well worn, and scratched from rocks, etc.
A chap on BikeHub bought it :grin:
So, one needs to price it right, depending on what condition it is in.

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