Gluten-free food options for multi-day hikes

Does anyone have any great ideas for gluten-free meals on a multi-day hike? What do you use instead of oats, rolls, or pasta?

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I’m not gluten-intolerant, but have experimented with some gluten-free foods purely for the sake of variety, and some of them have been part of my pack regardless. Some of my favourites that can replace the guilty grains:
Quinoa (so yummy but pricey)
Brown & wild / black rice (40 mins cooking time)
Normal baby & sweet potatoes
Toasted maize crackers
Nuts & seeds

Hardest for me is to get around breakfast - I live on oats and rusks. Think Futurelife has some gluten-free options?
Or cook some mieliepap!


Excellent suggestions, thanks Willem! I spotted gluten free oats at Organic Zone. It’s a bit more pricey and has a slightly different consistency and taste, but a great substitute for those that love oats and struggle with gluten.

I believe Yellow Submarine in Observatory, Cape Town, sell Quinoa at something like a third of the price of any other place.

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But oats don’t have gluten in them!

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Just in case we can revive this thread…

My wife and I have embarked on a journey of cleaning up our lifestyle in any and all ways imaginable. This topic has also been part of the discussion about what we would cook and eat on hiking trips. The scariest thing to me is GMO food. It is becoming very difficult to avoid it but we all REALLY should.

This sadly means that mielies / sweetcorn / maize / corn and all components of it forming ingredients in foodstuffs should really be avoided at all cost since the VAST majority of maize on the S.A. market is GMO

Sorry Willem…

That mieliepap will kill you unless it is from organic maize.

Hi Arno, if you’re still interested:)
The Seedling Kitchen produces fully balanced complete dehydrated meals - 5 of the 7 flavour profiles are gluten-free - specifically for backpacking, camping and no-fuss holidays. You can contact me directly for more info or visit our online store:
Kind regards, Marian

Hi Arno,

Went on a hike with Catherine, and now she has got her product into Outdoor Warehouse.
Cheaper and better than the other brands.