Lightweight, comfortable, affordable, waterproof boot?

Does anyone know of a lightweight comfortable, affordable, waterproof boot for hiking in the snow?

All the waterproof boots that I looked at are super heavy.

I wouldn’t mind hiking in gumboots if they are lightweight and comfortable. I usually hike in crocs (The standard clogs and yes I know I’m weird).

How much snow? If it’s just sporadic there is no need. Snow is actually pretty dry.

With boots, you can pick any 2 out of the following 3:

  1. Good
  2. Lightweight
  3. Affordable

Good lightweight boots are expensive, cheap lightweight boots aren’t good and good affordable boots aren’t light.

Also - no hiking boot in history has actually been waterproof. Keeping water out in snow is a lot easier, but when it comes to rain and dew, I have tried many different brands, different waterproofing products and many types of gaiters - and water always gets in eventually. Usually within 3 hours at most. Incidentally my experience with gortech boots has been no better than leather for staying dry, just the boots don’t last nearly as long.

Read accounts of pro climbers on big mountains, even their R20k mountaineering boots don’t stay completely dry.

Sweaty. Hot. Blistering.
And yet I have seen Ezemvelo rangers doing patrols in them.

Hi Daniel,
Have you considered the Altra Brand?
All of my running shoes (road & trail) plus hiking boots are Altra’s.
I have the LONE PEAK 3 MID MESH MENS (not waterproof)

Have a look at the waterproof LONE PEAK 4 RSM MID MENS (Rock Snow Mud) version:
The Altra Lone Peak: A Breakthrough for Thru-Hikers (

Lone Peak 4 RSM MID Mens – Altra Running South Africa (

Contact them & they can put a pair on order, if there isn’t any stock now.

Kind regards,

Hi all,

I ended up going with these:

They were perfect!
Kept my feet warm, dry, and comfortable (I did add my own insoles though).
I would definitely recommend them for winter conditions including DEEP snow.
I used them this weekend while hiking in the snow (I spent the weekend in a mountain hut on a mountain). The hike up and the whole day was delightful and I was the only one in the group with warm dry feet. I was able to spend the whole day outside the hut because of these boots!

I got them at the Agrimark Stellenbosch:

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Wow, fur-lined gum boots! I wear gumboots often in the garden and while working at home, but when I tried to hike in them, my feet slid around too much and they were too hot. Maybe I just need to try them out in winter…

Yeah the fur helped to keep my foot from moving around too much. When I baught it I thaught that I may have baught ones that Are too tight but the fur flattened inside a little bit and helped to create a bit more space.