Lockdown Escape plan - The Kruger Trail September 2020


Owing to Covid 19 Lockdown my international clients have not been able to travel, and I am now offering this opportunity to locals at a bargain price.


The trail is a multi stage series of 6 day self-supported hikes through the length of the Kruger National Park, wild camping en route The Kruger Trail
This is the first leg from Crooks Corner hiking over 100km point to point South West

Graham, the safari director, will ensure the authenticity of the trip as a fully immersive and unique wilderness experience, with two SANParks Rangers who will be keen to share their personal experience and tales of the region making this is an exclusive, life transforming wildlife wilderness experience not to be missed out on by the avid safari adventurer.

Walking through the Kruger bushveld off-Trail is a special never-to-be-forgotten experience and the present ban on international travel means my overseas guests are unable to enjoy the thrill of seeing our wild animals up close on foot.

Having postponed their travel but retained this booking his has given me the exciting opportunity to offer you a chance to join me on the “The Kruger Trail” at hugely discounted rates for anyone in South African, leaving the woes of the current pandemic behind.


Sunday 6th September: Meeting and briefing Punda Maria Rest Camp in Kruger National Park overnight campsite
Monday: Pre Dawn drive to crooks corner to commence hike
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday: Hiking off trail 15-22 km per day camping wild in your tent.
Saturday: Walk to finish point Vlaktenplaas ranger station, collect vehicles and return to Punda Maria Rest camp.
Sunday: Guests depart.

What makes this unique is that the trail is 6 days point to point, overnight camping where the day ends and it’s not on paths, roads or in the vicinity of tourists in regions of the Kruger not accessible to the public.The intention is to coexist with wildlife not invading their space, but meandering through the bush appreciating their presence.

Obviously the route we take depends on the animal sightings aiming for know water sources, introducing a whole new and very literal meaning to Zebra crossings.


-       Pack

-       Tent

-       Food

Remember you will be carrying everything, the Safari Director, will provide you with literature and suggestions re packing lists targeting a pack weight of under 17kgs, including tried and tested branded goods from water filters and foods to cameras, tents even hiking boots.


The trail starts and finishes at the Punda Maria rest camp so you will need to get yourself there ready for the briefing at 15:00 on the Sunday 6 September.

Whilst no guarantees are made, in addition to other game, it would be extremely unlikely that you won’t see Lions, Elephants and Giraffe on foot.
We will leave some vehicles at the start and end points this needs to be arranged on the Sunday after the briefing

Once we are on the trail there is no provisioning or restocking, everything must be packed and ready and functional.


The September tour is R 8,999

Guests are responsible for transport, food and the conservation fee which is for the 8 days inside Kruger NP (use your wild card)


This particular hike is more of a really unique journey, a delving into both the literal and metaphorical senses of your ultimate wildlife adventure. You will be as enthralled with the immersion in nature as you are into your personal discovery - I have seen how members of groups that have made life long friendships on these experiences.

For anyone who is into the outdoors and has a good level of fitness (be under no illusions that this is a walk-in-the-park) and looking for a truly unique wildlife experience in a manner that is simply not available anymore. For any fit bush lover, this has to be top of your bucket list.

Once our borders are open to international tourists I will have to return the prices to normal - so I have just 6 spaces for this trip of a lifetime available for only R8,999 per person for the 7 night 8 day Kruger on foot experience.

If you or anyone you can think of whom would love this kind of experience and would be interested in hiking through big five country and approaching these animals on foot for 6 days, please feel free to pass along my details because they’ll be absolutely enthralled at the opportunity.

Thank you for reading this and I hope that you can join me and the team and immerse yourself in our wonderful country’s wildlife and landscapes which are embedded in my Signature Safaris experiences.

Kind regards


Thank You Graham, but this feels like being invited to a Braai as an afterthought because no one else was available.
Even R8999 is a lot of money under these conditions.
So please wait for your International clients, I’m sure they’re only too keen to come back and pay 40Eu for your hike.
I’d rather walk for free in my own country in the Berg, Cederberg and Amatola and support B&Bs , backpackers and farmers.
Good luck Boet

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I have to agree with @Mike here. It’s A LOT of money…and what a pity that us South Africans cannot compete/afford with/the international tourists.
It’s our heritage and most of us will never be able to afford or experience it.

Hey guys, I hear you about the cost but please keep in mind that there’s serious logistics involved and given the time that goes into planning, paying the accompanying rangers etc. I’m pretty sure Graham isn’t making bucket loads of money this year - rather just trying to survive like the rest of us. A lot of businesses that normally focus on international tourists are now offering good deals to the local market. So, if you can afford it there is a unique opportunity to experience hiking in Kruger at a good discount!. To compare, the Cape Epic Team entry cost is R 92 200 per two people next year - that’s almost R50k pp for 8 days of mountain biking and staying in small tents.
If I had the time I would have loved to do this hike.

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Thank you for responding so I am grateful for, but purturbed by the feedback.

This was part of a larger safari I had organised and have broken down into component parts and have been refunded where I can, but I cant get refunded for this, and quite frankly dont want to. Im trying to salvage something positive from this Corona virus disaster. If you knew how much this cost at the auction you’d understand there is absolutely no profit in here at all.

I’m really glad we’ve mentioned “our heritage” because I also have a deep seated love of natural wilderness areas and believe if we dont invest in these wilderness areas we will loose them that is a fact and its happening all over the Africa, Mpumulanga included as “we” find better resources than natural heritage…

These changes are looming and in the future, we will be looking at a very different picture in South Africa.
Anyone traveling to the Kruger over the past 20 years will have noticed a significant and ongoing encroachment on the boundaries by human habitation. On google earth this is very visible and you can see domestic farming right up against the fences.

If we dont make it economically viable to protect the land then it will be lost to human development. Contextually Im glad that there are projects in place that raise’s funds for the substantiation of the park and its staff, that are this dynamic with minimum human impact tourism.

I am fortunate that I have traveled to the private concessions around Kruger and stayed in the luxury lodges with my guests enjoying all that they offer. But I am extremely excited to be spending 6 days on foot inside the Kruger, bringing into play something that nowhere else offers.

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What is the normal price for this particular hike? Let’s say when everything goes back to ‘normal’…

We already have a Kruger trip in September unfortunately!

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