The Kruger Trail

The Kruger Trail is a 650 km wilderness trail, traversing the length (and breadth) of Kruger National Park. It is an unsupported backpack trail.

The trail is divided into 6 legs of approximately 100 km each. Trailists do two legs per year and complete the journey in three years.

We are serious about wilderness. To protect the wilderness we limit the numbers. We only allow five new groups per year to start the trail. We follow a no trace principle. There are no campsites, no ablutions and virtually no impact on nature. This is the ultimate wilderness trail.

This is big five country. But the magic often lies in the small things and in silence. You are guided by two experienced trails guides who look after safety, but add much in knowledge and insight.

There is an annual auction to determine the groups starting the next year. This year the auction is on 18 October.

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Doing this in July. Going to be absolutely awesome, seriously cant wait