Looking for a hiking buddy or joining a group in April 2022

Good day and greetings from Germany,

we (2 ladies) had planed to travel to South Africa last in December 2021, first a loop for 10 days JNB to JNB with Kruger etc and then Cape Town as my mum lives there - but then I could not travel as my german girlfriend who wanted to join me on her first Africa trip could not afford Quarantine on return plus Qatar Airways was not willing to take us back from Germany…she promised to travel with me in April instead - but she “broke her promise” last week… with all this trouble of new circumstances coming up with Covid and other personal issues made her withdraw from the plan of travelling in April instead.

Now the challgenge is, that we have prepaid services, a safari Camp in Kruger area for 2 nights ZAR 4.400 per person plus a 10 day carhire and the flight from JNB-CPT which is non-refundable and we need to rebook…which means that I have to find myself a new travelling buddy…what a nightmare on the one hand and a chance on the other.

I am now open to all kinds of suggestions as long as I can be outside and active, like hiking…then I will try to make my two night stay around that and hope that the small safari camp has availability too…perhaps there is someone here who is keen to join me

I would also consider another time, if it feels right, as I am not holding international flights at the moment. As long as I know that I am not travelling with “sussies”

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Hi! So will you still be coming to CPT?
We are a ladies hiking group - very informal, but do the trails around Western Cape. One trail per weekend (unless we mountain bike for both days).
We will be doing a few hikes in April, so if you are going to be in CPT, reach out to me!

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Interested. What weekend did you have in mind?

Hello Bismark,

sorry, the inernet connection while travelling was not great - we are already back in Germany. It was last weekend but time was too short… I did the wonderful hike around Lions head with my mum, not up but around. Where did you hiike? Nexr zime I want to try Clovelly and include Fish Hoek Beach.