Looking for hiking buddies July 2019

Hi there, Im looking for hiking buddies to do some hikes in July.
Im thinking about hiking the Drakensberg area (somewhere between the 18th and the 26th of july), the Alexandria Hiking Trail or other option close to the Garden route and Cape Town (from the 25th of July until the 6th of August). Recomendations for the Cederberg area are also welcome.
If you would like to joing me please contact me. If you have any recomendations where to find hiking buddies please let me know.

Best regards,
Karlijn Snoeijs

Let me know if you decide where to hike around 25th July - 6th August. I might be able to join!

Hey Nelia,
Can you send me an email on karlijnsnoeijs@live.nl than I can send you more details. By the way I love mountainbiking, so if you have recommendations for good trails please let me know :slight_smile:

Hi! I am New to hiking but I would like to join. Are you planning difficult hiking? Not for the begginers?

Hey can you send me an email?