New freeze dried food company

There’s an exciting new freeze dried food company starting in SA. They’re running a survey to put together their final menu before starting production: Free Online Survey Software by SurveyMonkey: Closed Survey

The first 100 participants will receive a R550 hamper, and everyone else will get a 20% discount of their first order.


Which company is it?
I’d love to support them.

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They are called Forever Fresh.

I followed Arno’s advice (Thank you @Arno) and did the survey and qualified for a free sample! Unfortunately right before lock down… At level 3 I received and email and have chatted to the Forever fresh team, they explained that they’ve had time to reflect and re-adjust their proposed business due to current events. Unfortunately their freeze dried products have been put on ice for now (pun intended) and they have fast tracked their “Wholefood Powders”.
Fortunately he said he’d still send out some samples in the coming weeks as they get started up. I told him I would be happy to review and comment on the new products…

Will update in due course…


A follow up on #Foreverfresh

I am running out of time for the next trail, and am guiding in the Kalahari immediately before then, so going with the lazy route and casually went to order an Adventure pack of forever fresh Freeze dried foods. (I should have clicked and paid earlier but let it languish in my cart)
Then I saw they’re out of stock so sent a PANIC email to, and got this superb reply below - Couldn’t be happier with these guys bending over backwards - and even put in a 10% discount without prompting (unnecessary but appreciated)

If youre after hearty hiking foods, these are one of the best options and the service is impeccable - Yes you can make your own dehydrated foods, but this is so much quicker, and rehydrates better retaining more nutrients and flavour, also uses less gas to reheat


We can’t put a “normal” 5-Day Tastes of Italy or World of Flavours Adventure Pack together immediately, as some of the individual meal items are out of stock unfortunately and relative to your timeline, may not be back in stock in time.

As per my email below, we will make a plan by putting together a 5-meal pack, based on the Tastes of Italy, but will need to drop the Veg Lasagne is favour of an extra Beef Lasagne. You also indicated an extra Couscous.

So in summary, your super-duper-special-pack-just-for-You would entail the following:

1 x Tuscan Chicken
1 x Parmesan Chicken
3 x Beef Lasagne
1 x Large Rice
1 x Large Quinoa
2 x Large Couscous (with almond flake)

We are setting the above aside for you – so please let me know if you wish to go ahead and I will create the order for you.

Best Regards,




Great feedback! For anyone else looking at buying Forever Fresh, use the discount code HSA10 for 10% off.


Has anyone tried the Trail Food Company’s products?
Also freeze dried. Competition is rising…


Is it trail food company the one out of Hoedspruit? Dried foods as opposed to freeze dried foods?

If so their foods are pretty bland but good sized - hits the spot but did take a while longer cooking than the freeze dried food (Boerwors stew)


Yup. But as far as I can tell it is freeze dried. Or at least they have a freeze dried range.

We tried two Forever Fresh meals, verdict…

-ve: Bland. Expensive. Teeny sad portion.
+ve: Nice and easy to prep. Lightweight.

Bumped it up with some precooked Basmati rice bought at Dischem…(I’ll try find the product).

Will not buy again and do not recommend. Gave one of us heartburn, both meals. And most definitely not even close to a home cooked meal, at least not in this home. No sir.

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Hi Carl in the field with these dried foods I suspect our opinions differ

My hiking Buddy is one of the Trail Food Brand ambassadors. I do love that they get the purchaser to nominate a conservation charity to support. Two of those are ones Im involved with… yay!

They offer great discounts for the Guides on the Kruger Trail and my recollection was of one guide impatiently salivating waiting for a dehydrated Potjie to rehydrate itself. They also ran out of Gas on that trip, but Im not blaming the Trail Food company for that - just the chef!

My take away was that it needed salt and you should stick to their Dhals and Lentils based foods. Also set aside more than the 15 minutes time the problem I think was that the food needed frequent stirring hence needing to be reheated and the extra gas used.

Im a huge fan of Forever Fresh and in particular their reliability communication and support. The Lasagne whilst messy is great the Curries great and the fancy Quinoa and Rice sides Great too. Love their Chicken in Parmesan.
Ive asked them to send food parcels from to meet there as I arrive and move to the next location and they’ve been spot on. so in my opinion above and beyond.

I do add the woolworths freeze dried fruits to my Oat so easy porridge, and quite honestly now that Ive tried Heinz tomato and basil packet soup. My previous favourite, Knorr cup-a-[sand flavoured]-soup stuff can now go fry a kite!


Hi Arno,

For those in the WC, have a look at Mamma Alles.
I met Catherine, the owner, on a recent hike in Stellenbosch.
Meals are well priced