New freeze dried food company

There’s an exciting new freeze dried food company starting in SA. They’re running a survey to put together their final menu before starting production:

The first 100 participants will receive a R550 hamper, and everyone else will get a 20% discount of their first order.

Which company is it?
I’d love to support them.

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They are called Forever Fresh.

I followed Arno’s advice (Thank you @Arno) and did the survey and qualified for a free sample! Unfortunately right before lock down… At level 3 I received and email and have chatted to the Forever fresh team, they explained that they’ve had time to reflect and re-adjust their proposed business due to current events. Unfortunately their freeze dried products have been put on ice for now (pun intended) and they have fast tracked their “Wholefood Powders”.
Fortunately he said he’d still send out some samples in the coming weeks as they get started up. I told him I would be happy to review and comment on the new products…

Will update in due course…