New Noob 2022

Good Evening and Happy New Year to Everyone.

I am new to this site - I have not hiked in many years. I am and I need to get back to nature…I felt that this would be a good place to start.

1.) Where do I start with kit, bag, boots, etc?
2.) Are there groups of people on this forum that do this together and go hiking, or do I hire a guide to do hikes?
3.) I am quite serious and super keen to get started…

Nice to meet you all…




Welcome Garth and Happy New Year to you too! Where in South Africa are you based?

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Hi Arno, I am based in Johannesburg

Hi Garth,

In JHB, try:

  1. Decathlon for well priced gear
  2. Cape Union Mart
  3. Drifters
  4. City Rock
  5. Camp & Climb
    6I have some brand new gear and clothing listed under the classified section here, but you can also view them on Gumtree at this link

You could join a Hiking Club, such as the Mountain Club of South Africa, which has sections up your way too.
Should you do so, then you would qualify for 10% discount on anything purchased at Cape Union Mart, Drifters, and City Rock.

Happy hiking,


Or state on this forum where you’d like to hike and when and see if folks are keen to join. Otherwise try the “upcoming hikes thread” on Vertical Endeavour for the Drakensberg.

Or just buy the relevant maps and creep up on it by roping in your partner😀

Good maps for Berg and elsewhere available here below (and Drifters Bryanston, your one stop spend all your money shop)

See how it goes. All the best.

One stop spend all your money shop. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: SPOT ON!