Random hiking photos


I’m sure we all have a stash of photos from our trips, thought it might be fun to have a thread where people can randomly post some photos.

Here’s some random shots from my recent hikes in the Drakensberg:

Mike/Hobbit enjoying the view from the top of Ntonjelana North Pass on a 6 day DGT last year:

Cleft Peak from the contour path:

The view south from the Ifidi Ridge


Great idea! Thanks @Ghaznavid. Rad photos!


Here’s a recent random hiking photo taken in the Karoo. No particular trail, just an urge to free camp on a mountain.


Just got back from a trip in the Free State Drakensberg (i.e. go up the Chain Ladders and turn right). Beautiful region, and very rarely hiked:


On my way up to Tranquility Cracks - breathtaking views:


The Maltese:


The night sky in the Baviaanskloof taken on my Gopro


Ntonjelana Pass, Mnweni, Northern KZN Drakensberg


Some photos from Rhino Eastern Arete Route (rock climbing) in the Southern KZN Drakensberg.



Last time I went up the chain ladders, a friend filmed me from the middle of the top ladder. Here’s the video:


Arangieskop summit:


Wow! Looks amazing with the low cloud :smiley::+1:


Was one of the best views I have ever experienced!


Nothing beats a good cup of coffee


Here are some photos from my day hike in the Magaliesberg. In February.
Mountain Sanctuary Park, and Tonquani/Cedarberg Kloofs. Good day out. Definitely worth it!


It really is a shame that lovely posts and images such as these go unseen for such long periods of time but then, like trails, we would not want this place overcrowded, would we?


My favourite spot - Elephant Gully looking at Cockade Peak, Northern KZN Drakensberg. I am yet to find a spot which I believe matches this for beauty.

There are a number of awesome spots I have been to, such as Baranco Camp on Kilimanjaro - which was pretty special, but I am yet to see something quite as awesome as this.

Admittedly I think I need to travel more :joy:


@antonroland luckily there are places where you can go and be part of a crowd, such as Everest Base Camp, or your local shopping centre on payday. There are also plenty of places where you can have a huge area to yourself. On my recent traverse from Sentinel Car Park to Cathedral Peak (more correctly defined as a bailed Drakensberg Grand Traverse), we didn’t see another person between the Chain Ladders and just north of the Ntonjelana Ridge - not even a shepherd in the distance.

If you hike at Vergelegen just north of Sani in the Southern KZN Drakensberg, aside from the staff at the offices, you probably won’t see anyone else for your entire trip.

My long-term mountain goal is Jirishanca in Peru (insanely difficult and well out of my league at this stage, google it - it looks awesome) - which has had about as many people on its summit as the moon has.


So 0 then?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: