Safcol Hiking trails open?

Hi All

Does anyone know if the SAFCOL hiking trails are open ( Or would be open on the weekend of the 21st of March ) ?

They did get back to me saying that Fanie Botha will only open in April, but no info on the rest of the trails ( magoebaskloof , Kaapschehoop etc ).


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Confirmed with Safcol:
Fanie Botha is open for reservations and hiking.
Magoebas and Kaapsche Hoop not open yet as they are still undergoing maintenance.

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This is interesting. I’ve just come back from the Magoebaskloof area and visited two huts, although did not hike the trail.
Both huts (Dokolewa Pools and Woodbush) were open and clean (although Dokolewa could use some new mattresses and carpet and Woodbush could use the application of a lawnmower outside) and there were cars parked outside Woodbush Hut (although no way of knowing whether they were just day visitors or not).
The huts appear to be in good shape but I cannot vouch for other huts nor the state of the trails, with the exception being the first 2 km of the Woodbush to Broederstroom section which is in perfect condition.

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