Sleeping pads

Hlo all;need advice on sleeping pads😂noooo not on self inflatables or air matresse(they leave you flat😂) any advice on NON AIR PADS? Thanks all Paul

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Depends if you’re looking for warmth or comfort.

The rolled up type of closed cell foam mats like these: Natural Instincts Camp Handimat 10mm | MCMA032 | Outdoor Warehouse
are lightweight and don’t deflate!
They are also become much more comfortable with one of those inflatable light weight air mattresses on top of them and don’t add much weight for the comfort they provide.

The 20mm ones are not really more comfortable, are far bulkier and heavier, rather use the Air matts on top of 10mm ones, but these do offer much more thermal insulation.

I’ve used thinner matts as well (3mm), but they don’t do much to offer comfort but do offer some insulation.

These foam matts get scratched and plucked quite significantly by passing bushes, particularly by recurved hooked bushes.

I found that scratching out a very shallow trench under the matt, roughly your body size helps enormously with comfort

Yoga mats are much heavier (and more comfortable) essentially as practical as much thicker foam 4x4 matts.

Lastly you only need 3/4 your body length so you can trim the foam matts down for reduced bulk and weight or fold over an edge as a pillow.


Currently looking at thermarest ridgerest sol;15 mm and fits my pack

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We brought the same bag - My wife uses, it, its awesome (Im quite jealous!)

Lie on the thermarest, then on the 10mm foam matt, and compare the feeling, In my mind for the price… not worth it
Then add an inflatable matt as well. Also if you’re walking in tight bushes, maybe look at storing it vertically on your pack, or consider putting it on top of your bag, at the bottom there, it’ll get torn to shreds quite quickly.

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Thanks great advice from ALL REPLYED👍

Current option :joy:10 mm mat(outdoors warehouse) with car sun protector (insulation)

if insulation is an issue, put your thermal silver blanket under the mattress. No need to carry the car windshield when you already have the blanket

Comfort :joy:

Cost in patches getting close to self inflated pad price😂

two pads busy patching

From our Recent orange river trip;veryyy thorny

add a foam matt and you’re good. But in sand environments digging a sleeping trench (5-10cms) makes a big difference.


Paul I’ve been using a closed-cell foam pad underneath an inflatable the last 10 years and haven’t had a puncture. Also a comfortable night’s rest as the foam pad smoothes out minor bumps and objects whilst protecting the inflatable. Highly recommended.
PS: I also cut 5cm off the foam pad’s width to save weight and reduce snagging (this obviously depends on how wide your foam pad is).


Thanks I think that was my problem;I will retry self inflatable pads ;this time with Foam Pad;thanks again

You also get the foam pads with the silver lining if insulation is still an issue for you. For example the Oztrail 10mm Camper Deluxe which is found at quite a few Outdoor retailers.

Thanks I going retry using self inflating mattress with 10 mm pad;just have to send both Thermarest pads in for repairs first.

Just found out this morning Thermarest got lifetime warranty and do repairs(hopefully don’t have to buy patch kits anymore):joy:send a mail to Thermarest SA waiting for response if they will repair both sleeping pads.

I’ve had good luck with these Naturehike ones. Identical to the thermarest as far as I can tell and half the price, also on sale occasionally. Personally comfortable enough to sleep on in summer as a stomach sleeper. Like R1.something I would guess. Good enough to use by itself, extra nice under an inflatable if you want to haul the weight and the bulk.

If I was using it just for protecting an inflatable both decathlon and mr price sports have very cheap rollups in the 200 gram range that are also thermal coated.


It looks the same as Thermarest Z lite ;thanks

So true on the weight and bulk of carrying 2 pads with the exact same function;got a ground sheet with single pad

image image image This is my sleep systems give and take conditions which one I pack

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Hi guy’s
Old army trick…

Sleep pads…

Loosten the ground under the pad, and dig a trench,… around 120mm wide and about 60mm deep crossways where your hip will be…

Not worth the effort on rock I’m afraid… :sweat_smile: