(Sorted sort of) Disaster! 3 days to sort out my rucksack, help

I brought a Deuter years ago I was sold for its Durability and lifetime warranty repair or replace…
I leave on Friday for 6 days on The Kruger Trail and I noticed this happened in my pre-pack (obviously no scope to get that warranty effected)

Ive repaired some undone stitching elsewhere on the Fishriver canyon where the expanding neck bit started splitting from the top of the tightening pack: I feel that this is the end of the road for this rucksack

Im trying to figure out my options Realistically I am probably going to have to buy a bag for the trip and hope to get a replace / repair answer from Deuter/Cape Union Mart (obviously 8+ years later no receipt)

I struggle to get everything in under 22kg (including water) so thats something to consider as well

Do I buy:

  1. Cheapie: Cape Storm 75l / Highlander 65l for under / Northridge Nomad R1700
    And hope that the Deuter will get repaired? then Ive got a pack to sell on or get my kids to use or is this a waste of money?

  2. Osprey (very jealous of my wife’s volt 65) (horrifically Osprey’s global website doesnt have a mens rucksack better than the Rook 65 only women’s???)
    Sportsmans warehouse has the Rook 65 at R2799 (same price as the Jupiter)

  3. First Ascent Jupiter ii who I can rely on to provide an after sales service / repair? (except I see its no longer on their website) (same price as the Osprey Rook)

  4. Deuter Air contact 65 (R3899 and the next brilliant current view on Deuter)

  5. Gregory: (I dont think Ill get one in time: Stout 65 is out of stock I like the idea of the sized packs as I generally find a shorter one more comfortable)

Sorry post a bit rushed, Im starting to freak out a bit! leaning towards the Rook 65

I’ve been using an Osprey Volt for about 10 year and it probably has another 10 years of use left in it. Osprey’s guarantee is also rock solid. A couple of friends have had theirs repaired or repaced with no issues. The turn-around time isn’t quick, but it is reliable.



My wife has the Volt, its really great

I see they only have stock of green - thats also brilliant, but I doubt it’ll drive in time

The Price of the Rook is very tempting though - I tested, it and its awesome, Ill go to a local Outdoor warehouse and try them on…

Ive repaired the Deuter (again again) thing is it keeps breaking its stitching at the joins at different places, so I know the stitching has had its day, just dont know what the future of the bag is like.

Ooooh the stress when I dont need it

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Just packed (well tried to) all my gear from the Deuter 70+10 into the Volt 60 - obviously it doesn’t fit, and theres no stock of the Volt 75 available in the W Cape.

Its funny how you get used to a mentality/method of packing based on the pack, and when faced with a different option, nothing really works out?

We have to carry 4-5 Litres of water - Ive been using a 3l bladder (filled to 2l) in the hydration pouch between 2 x 1.5L coke bottles (with water) the strong Return for refund ones (check them before you buy, many are damaged)
This doesn’t fit into the Volt compartment so one coke bottle had to go in the side pocket
My clothing pack and sleeping bag didn’t fit into the bottom compartment
and the tent with the first aid kit food and everything didn’t fit into the main compartment, so the tent had to go into the rear sleeve, and poles opposite the water bottle
All went in/on but I definitely need a larger pack!

Back to the Deuter again (with extra sewing thread)

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I’d just do interim repairs. Heavy stitchin, if not heavy handed. Gorilla Glue. Band aid…anything. Then replace or repair once back.

Looks like a compression strap broke. CUM sells these tie-down type straps, maybe use it to keep zee Jermin together…they respond well to bondage.

Unless you have thousands to throw at the problem, if so go get yourself an Osprey Xenith. Incredible load hauling comfort and fully featured. You’ll never look back.

Hang in there scube.:grin:


At 150cm loop it around twice and clip.

Dude, is that strap a critical component? From your image it looks like a side strap, i.e. it limits the girth of your pack. Is it? If yes then you should be able to sort it out with a strap you can fit around the bag, or just sew in some extra piece of webbing.

If it is a load-bearing strap then it’s another matter altogether. If it’s the former, don’t stress. If it’s the latter, you will have to sort it out or buy a new pack.

Regarding the weight issue, leave non-essentials at home. Here’s some options to consider. I see you are packing 2 Coke bottles. Either leave them or use them as water bottles. Camp light? Just use your headlight. Knives and stuff? Use a spork and borrow a rangers knife if you want to cut something serious. What I do on Drakensberg hikes is to only pack to sets of clothing - I wear afresh pair and wash the worn clothes. By tomorrow they should be dry (especially in the Kruger) and you just keep on rotating them.

Enjoy the bush!!!

How about you rent a backpack from Home - Scuttle

And sort your bag and the warranty out when you’re back home?

Just a thought?


Thanks for the info:

We need to carry 5L water, so Im using two of the stronger refund-for-despoit coke bottles (filled with water - my kids hadn’t emptied them at this stage) and a 3l bladder filled to 2l (these fit inside the hydration pocket.

6 days point to point unsupported through the Kruger, you need an element of back up - I never go anywhere without my pocket knife its a given, the knife fork spoon tool is a bit junk, but Ive come to love it, and its a backup knife.
That Camplight is awesome for getting things done in the dark when youve got a billion bugs flying around your face with the head torch - just place it further away or high up and life’s much more pleasant, yes its unnecessary but it makes life much better plus everyone benefits.

Im also the guy who’s responsible for this so I do have to have my act together

On the Rucksack front:

The tear went through to the compartment so not only the side strap, but the main compartment as well, if that continued my pack insides would be outside.
Ive sewn it closed (this is the third repair Ive had to do to this pack so I get the feeling the stitching is coming apart. (no response from Deuter or CUM yet) I get the feeling it will survive the trip, but might require more repairs, so Im adding more cotton to the sewing kit.

There are no 75L Osprey Volt’s in the Western Cape I kind of struggle with the 60L sizing (its just too small - see my comments above of fitting all that into my wife’s Osprey Volt 60)

At this stage it would be great to know if Deuter will Repair/Replace or even acknowledge that its failing gradually so I can figure out the way forwards, if they do repair/replace, then Im good, question is how long will it take I’ll need it end of August.
Knowing that they’re not going to do anything or charge European labour rates to repair - Id get the Osprey Volt 75
Who though they have an awesome warranty again its the timescale for this, whereas the First Ascent Jupiter ii suddenly becomes a really great option.

Actually a great idea - except after the hike Im going onto another 6 days on foot (based out of a solitary spot, camping wild in the Landy on a foot patrol supporting an APU) together with 5 days of travel at R120 a day thats more than the price of a Highlander / Cape Storm / North Face pack.

They might however sella Volt 75 - Ill ask them!

Sent you a pm re an option for a pack.

Im using the Osprey Volt 60 and did the 5 day Otter with it and never once even noticed I had a backpack on me

@scubafrique just to add more confusion to your debacle…here is an upvote for the First ascent Jupiter!!

My wife and I did Amatola for our honeymoon in December last year and leading up to it came many decisions on equipment! We have a selection of back packs at home but decided to buy second hand (never used tags still on) FA Jupiter and Venus respectively. After two small-ish hike to test drive it in the berg we went to Hogsback.
I must say from the get go till the end it was a pleasure! The more we used the bags along the way the more attuned we became with the bag and its function .
The versatility of the bag is brilliant regarding layout and extensions/straps/pockets etc etc. If you needing more details I am sure you’ll find some reviews on the forum here just search first ascent jupiter.
Literally the only down side for the bag (my opinion) is the weight, it is slightly more on the heavier side but I always justify it with the robustness for the bag so not an issue for me.
I haven’t had to send it in for repairs but from what I have heard via the grapevine is that Performance Brands/First Ascent are good with repairs.
If you don’t come right with Deuter, get hold of Northridge in Capetown, I think its Paul there. He has repaired 2 backpacks of mine. Friendly and efficient company but more importantly brilliant workmanship!

p.s I am a huge fan of Osprey but in this case I’m team First Ascent (unless you find a secondhand-brand new Osprey Atmos/Aether AG…)

All the best!

I have a Deuter Bag bought from CUM and I had some issues as well where the stitching came loose and on investigation it was a skew sewing line where material was missed and this then ripped out. Long story short after a lot of complaining CUM eventually repaired it as it was not wear and tear but clearly a manufacturing issue. Was done in their factory and waited about 3 weeks. I now switched over to Osprey as they have a better guarantee and I’ve only hear good reviews about their products.

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Hi Graham,
I took my new Deuter Aircontact Lite 65+10 Backpack back to CUM Tygervalley branch, and they have it in stock at R 3 399.
See the specs at https://www.deuter.com/us-en/shop/backpacks/p225796-trekking-backpack-aircontact-lite-65-10#:~:text=%20Top%20features%20of%20the%20Aircontact%20Lite%2065%2B10,The%20inner%20side%20has%20a%20layer...%20More%20

Also, CUM should repair your current pack, yet it will take 6-8 weeks during Lockdown. They’ve repaired some of my gear.

Kind regards,

Hi - I do like the FA - but I found it “floppy” The Deuter survived the hike, 26kg’s with only one further splitting seam - so Ill take it in and see where it goes.

I have my eyes on the Osprey Volt 75l - man its so comfortable - I tried it alongside the FA Jupiter (of which Im a fan) and you can really see the design cues from Osprey - I do like their functionality and access points as well as side pockets - really great bag, but the comfort wasn’t the same.
At this stage that pretty important to me

Washed the bag yesterday and taking it in tomorrow and we’ll see where it goes