Swellendam Hiking Trail

Hi Everyone
Does anybody know if the 5 day Swellendam Hiking Trail is open again? I heard that it was closed due to fires recently.
Has anyone hiked this trail recently?

How recent? The fires only closed down 10h and 12h peak, but that was start of last year. The multiday trail was open then. You still have to book through cape nature so its worth just giving them a call.

Thanx Gerda. Will do that tomorrow. Just thought someone might have some info from personal experience. Thanx anyway for your input.

I did the trail on December 2019. You can contact Cape nature for a booking.

Hallo. I did the trail last year in November. Due to the weather we did only the first two days. It was to dangerous to carry on. That was very sad. It is breathtaking.

Thanks for your response, Freda! It is truely a breathtaking trail. We did the whole trail in 2007 and the fynbos was so beautiful. That was before the fire-damage to the huts, though.

If one could choose, then try do this trail in January, when the weather is better.
No joy in doing part of it, or getting into trouble due to adverse weather.