I was looking for ultra light gear in SA. So I found this local cottage company that custom makes ultra backpacks to your measurements and liking.

I bought one and loved it! I wanted to add a few things along the way and Chris did it at no extra charge. Im not endorsed or anything but if its a product thats this good from a small starter company I just feel the need to share!

Go check it out if you’re into the ultralight scene!


I attached below my custom pack!


Thank you! It is good to know about it.

Great looking company. Customised packs at a good price, and incredible weight

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I strongly recommend these packs. Good enough for anything in SA, and most hikes beyond I’d wager. I can hardly stand putting on my Osprey Xenith anymore.

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I bought one of Chris’s packs. The quality is very good and his service is excellent. I have only done a short 40km weekend hike so far, but the pack carries very well. These guys understand ultralight hiking. Excellent value!

I’ve seen them, and it depends on exactly what you need, and adding on extras get much more expensive.

Personally for Fast Packing I prefer these, which aren’t badly priced, and made from Dyneema (stronger than steel):

  1. https://www.aonijie.info/product-page/aonijie-windrunner-20l-pack
  2. https://www.aonijie.info/product-page/aonijie-windrunner-30l-pack

Enjoy the :mountain: