Wanted: Backpacker Canyon Hiking backpack

Hi all - I lent my backpack to someone and I cannot remember who! I would like to replace it if anyone has a Backpacker canyon in good condition for a reasonable price. I am in Cape Town.
Many thanks, Jenny

Hi Jennifer,

Perhaps you lent it to a MCSA Cape member, try reaching out to the MCSA.

Hi Jenny, we have 3 back packs for sale. All good condition, 2 Canyons (blue and pink (probably 60 and 65L), and 1 Venture (75L).

Hi Jenny,
I’m also in Cape Town.

Hi Marcelle
I am so sorry I did not reply sooner - I am new to the group and thought I would be informed by email if there was a reply to my query. Do you still have the Canyon backpacks available?
I am in Claremont,

Hi Jenny,
Have a look here: 60 Lt CANYON BACKPACK - CHG

Hi Jenny,

Have a look at this review, compared with the Canyon you wish to buy.

Thank you for this hint - I have emailed them and hope for a reply

Have a look at the Naturehike 55 +5L, more comfort, and features at a great price (review link above)
Happy hiking with the MCSA CT!