Hiking the Fish river canyon

Hey there fellow hikers!

The new season for hiking the Fish starts in less than 3 weeks. Please have a look at (https://stokenhoed.com/2019/04/15/hiking-the-fish-river-canyon-know-before-you-go/) in case you are a first timer and maybe not certain of what to expect. If you have any other questions relating to hiking in Namibia, please shout; we’ll try to help!

Enjoy! (August for us)

Excellent! We are on our way in the 2nd week of May! Cant wait!

Good for you, enjoy!

Hallo julle. Ons stap die 16 se Mei 2019 en het plek vir twee. Mense wat weens gesondheidsredes onttrek het. Is daar enige iemand wat wil saamkom. Ons vertrek vanaf Potch en oudsthoorn

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Dankie vir laat weet - altyd n versoeking maar ek sal maar uitsit op daai een. Ons het darem self n stap in Augustus aan. Hoop julle kry n lekker groep bymekaar, geniet die stap!

Am interested pls

Hallo. There is still some place maybe. I’ve got another couple who is interested but is still unsure. Are you really interested. We are from Potch and you can get a lift with us. Where are you from

Hi we can come from windhoek

Good there is place. Do you want to join us

Got back from the Fish yesterday and I’m already in serious withdrawal. It was my first one and I absolutely LOVED it! Everything went well, some blisters but the rest was dandy. My friend who lead our group, Eric McLaren, had done his 8th (he also ran it once) - so we were in great hands. I reckon next year I’m back! Just apparently the water levels were really low vs prior years and he is a tad concerned for later in the season.

Well done Nelia! Very few things compare with doing your first Fish… Only one remedy for that withdrawal you mention - get a booking for next year!

It’s done! :grinning::smile:

Hi @stokenhoed
I’ll be hiking the Fish River Canyon with friends for the first time this year in mid-June (15-19). I’ve had a look at some historical charts but I’m struggling to get an accurate gauge on what the night time temperatures will be like and some in my group have asked if we need tents.

Have you (or anyone else) done it around this time and have any tips on what the temperatures and water levels are like? Is it possible to sleep in the open at this time?

Many thanks

This remains a tricky topic simply because people differ so much…
I reckon the average night temperature (low) during winter must be close to +5, 2-3 would be rare. I’ve never done it with a tent; in my experience a decent sleeping bag is sufficient but obviously some prefer to take a tent along.
Water levels during June are mostly still high rather than low. No guarantees however, much depend on the summer rainfall before…
Hope you all have a great hike!

Hi Can one rely only in water purification pills or does one need the expensive filters as well?

I take neither with me, drinking/ taking water straight from the river works fine for me. If you have a sensitive tummy, probably safer to have some form of purification with you (I know some people prefer liquids above tablets…)

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Hi all, does anybody have place for 2 in their group for the FRC hike this year. My wife and I have done the hike for 5 years in a row with the exception of last year ( Too little water for us). I am now suffering withdrawal symptoms.

Agreed on that … the water is good to drink straight from the river. I’ve never used any purification or filtering in Fish River canyon.

I suggest buying a Sawyer Mini filter and also the bigger squeeze bags. We hiked the Fish one year with very low water levels and everyone had diarrhea.

If you have a filter you don’t need tablets - clean water anywhere :wink::+1: