Java Junkie Alert


I use an Aeropress.

I read a review that says it tastes better than other production methods.
This w/e my mate had his Mocca pot. It tastes better, I need to get a Mocha pot for car camping, cause you know, I don’t go HEAVY!

What do you use for best tasting coffee?


Whack a stainless steel filter (instead of paper) into the Aeropress and it will taste much much better! Love my aeropress if i make coffee for myself only. and agree that the Bialetti Mocca pot is da bomb for car camping.
if hiking in a group i normally take the GSI plunger - get 3-cups out of a brew and the neoprene sleeve is also very nifty for keeping the brew warm that keeps the bru’s warm :slight_smile:


I’ll try that.
I just remembered, i have this for deep mountain sessions.
Make cowboy coffee and then strain.

Works well, buddy did not complain at all.


We use this for car camping. Well, that was until I ruined it by boiling it dry. Will buy a second one soon and see how it works for hiking.

All stainless steel with a very nifty inside basket for the ground coffee…ask your favourite supplier for a coarse grind…not that the regular grinds will spill through…

You can get it from Cape Union Mart in store or here:


We make our coffee in a Billy and pour it through a tea strainer. This also works with bush tea - no bags!