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I use an Aeropress.

I read a review that says it tastes better than other production methods.
This w/e my mate had his Mocca pot. It tastes better, I need to get a Mocha pot for car camping, cause you know, I don’t go HEAVY!

What do you use for best tasting coffee?

Whack a stainless steel filter (instead of paper) into the Aeropress and it will taste much much better! Love my aeropress if i make coffee for myself only. and agree that the Bialetti Mocca pot is da bomb for car camping.
if hiking in a group i normally take the GSI plunger - get 3-cups out of a brew and the neoprene sleeve is also very nifty for keeping the brew warm that keeps the bru’s warm :slight_smile:

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I’ll try that.
I just remembered, i have this for deep mountain sessions.
Make cowboy coffee and then strain.

Works well, buddy did not complain at all.


We use this for car camping. Well, that was until I ruined it by boiling it dry. Will buy a second one soon and see how it works for hiking.

All stainless steel with a very nifty inside basket for the ground coffee…ask your favourite supplier for a coarse grind…not that the regular grinds will spill through…

You can get it from Cape Union Mart in store or here:

We make our coffee in a Billy and pour it through a tea strainer. This also works with bush tea - no bags!

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Prepping for the Otter, I’m actually first looking at how I’m going to brew coffee than finding cooking pots :joy:
I find the GSI Java press very alluring (also read the review on it here), but wouldn’t something like the Sea To Summit X-Brew Coffee Dripper ( make more sense? It’s much lighter and smaller to pack. I do only Mocca pot at home but that little pot can get heavy. Anyone used the fold up coffee dripper before?

That looks great! I’ve grown accustomed to the Java Press, but this might be the new winner :smiley::+1:

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Raaito. We are doing an overnight hike in Feb so I’ll test and report back. I like my coffee super strong and as bitter and dark as the night, so let’s see if I can get a spoon to stand up straight in the brew :joy:

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On the trail we make the coffee in a mug and pour it through a tea strainer


Got a Sea to Summit X-Brew - works great! You need to use a bit more coffee than you usually would for a french press and slowly poor the water over. Other than that, this might be my new go-to coffee maker, thanks @Ronel :wink::+1:

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I used a coffee dripper for many overnight hikes, it works great and is super light. The drawbacks are however (1) uses a lot of coffee (2) the filters get irritating after a few days. Ive also had to fold the end of the filter so that it doesnt tear (many a torn filter coffee mud mistake took place). And the pack of filters is always in the damn way.

This stainless steel version of it looks great but is expensive:

Long story short, I ended up buying this stainless steel plunger and havent looked back:

Surprisingly, its only 60g heavier than an aeropress (just under 300g I think). And its hard as nails. Wouldnt work on trips where weight is important, but its a marathon not a race :smiley:

Lastly, have a look at these reviews if you havent: The 8 Best Camping Coffee Makers of 2023 | Tested by GearLab


Thanks @Gerrienel, I should’ve read that review before buying the X-Brew. Seems there are better and cheaper options available through amazon. Amazing that we now have access to so many more options :smiley:

Ah wicked! I still haven’t got round to get one myself, but I will definitely make that a priority!

After having used it a few times now I have to admit that the X-Brew doesn’t produce great flavour. I’ve reverted back to my GSI Personal Java Press, but a light weight option that seems to produce great flavour and at a great price is the Primula Brew Buddy:

Ah no … sorry to send you down that road. How do you find import costs when buying from Amazon? Isn’t it getting a bit extreme on price?

Not a problem, it was good to test it :wink: The Amazon import costs costs get calculated when checkout on their site - you don’t have to yet, but you do need to go through to the payment stage to see the full amount. The import costs aren’t too bad - they seem like a lot compared to what you’re purchasing, but if you compare to a similar local product, it’s not bad at all.

I see Yuppiechef have a sale on the Stanley Coffee Press that might be worth checking :slight_smile: Not sure about the weight as my normal Stanley flask weigh as much as my upper leg :joy:

I see now that according to Amazon the weight is 1.06 pounds which translates to 0,4808079kg. Seems the GSI still wins.

@Ronel I got my wife one of these for work. They are great! Keeps liquid hot and cold for the whole day. With the added bonus that you can use it as a plunger.

On the weight size is will maybe be a bit heavy for a multiday hike, but for a quick up and down the mountain early morning it is great!

Even if you don’t plan on using it for hiking it is a great portable plunger for camping or traveling.

Schweet :slight_smile: I ended up buying the GSI Java Press as I figured that making a cup of coffee for more than one person on a long hike, might lift the morale :wink: And yes, it makes a great cup of coffee. Will get the Stanley later on for day hikes as my small flask started to leak. I smelled coffee all the way up the mountain & couldn’t understand why until I opened my bag lol

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I prefer keeping gear super light, so my best coffee is made before I leave and stored in Hydro Flask. No need for a coffee mug, etc. :wink: In winter thing get a tad heavier, since I use my Stanley Adv Vacuum Flask 1L for coffee, or soup, and a mug.