Where can I get a quilt in South Africa?

Hi everyone

I’m looking for a compact, lightweight and warm (± -5C) sleeping bag for hiking and bikepacking. I’m quite intrigued by the down quilts that seem to be super popular in the States and Europe, but there don’t seem to be any on the local market.

Does anyone know where I can get a good one locally or if anyone has successfully imported one from overseas? Otherwise, I’m also open to recommendations on compact and lightweight traditional sleeping bags.

Thanks in advance.

I had the same issue and ended up just buying one overseas. Not sure why no one makes them locally.
They are great, but ensure you have a high-quality sleeping pad.

Mine was from Gryphon Gear but they didn’t ship it all the way to SA (They could), I just had it brought down in luggage.

I got ours from Enlightened Equipment and so did a mate. No problem and well worth it! Most of the stress is picking colours…

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Had a conversation recently with Annemien from Hex Valley Down. They are experimenting with quilts, she just made one for herself. Talk to them. Somewhere in the Western Cape, Hex River Valley is my guess…Google.

Expensive option is Sea to Summit Spark3 (or other Sparks eg 2, Be clear though on matching your body length with their specs, their std models only accommodate people up to 183cm…I think. For me, at 187cm I’d need the “Long”).
Look at Drifters online. Ridiculously light weight. Excellent down. Great reputation. $$$$$ though.


I’m thinking that’s probably easier, especially if you’re doing a trip overseas anyway, than buying online and having to deal with shipping and customs etc.

Thanks for the recommendation, they look like a good option and local too.

Yikes $$$$ indeed! I’m sure they’re bloody nice though.

With Hex you’ll be able to spec it yourself, choose fabrics etc

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Hex’s website is just too terrible. Gave up with them at that point.
There is another person here who bought a bag from Cumulus and he gave the full breakdown of import duties and costs, so you can know what to expect if buying from them.

Cumulus gear looks really great and you can spec anything you like.

Hi Greg. I ordered mine from Makoti Down products . Got a rectangular bag, which can be unzipped out to a quilt. You can can choose the size ,filling and color. It took 4 weeks with some prompting from my side. ( GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE). It came in a bag that is not really a compression bag. I used it in Mafadi 2022 ( it snowed). No issues so far. Planning to buy a compression bag for it. Contact them at www.makoti.co.za. Hope this helps

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Thanks for the info, Lesedi.

Hi Greg,
It depends on how much covering you need. Just as some folk take Z-Pad and cut it down to save weight, but then lower legs end up on the ground.

Here are some options for you, which are available locally:
2) Wearable Cloak Quilt – Naturehike Africa
3) First Ascent Down Compact Blanket | 1009192 | Outdoor Warehouse

Have a look at my reply, in the event that you also want one.

Hi Dieter, Can I pick your brain on what you did as I am looking into doing the same thing for me and my partner

I just ordered online from their site. It didn’t work out that much pricier than local offerings. (Granted, the dollar was a lot better when I did)

Revelation 20F for 335$ worked out to roughly R5000. It’s closer to R6500 now.

The First Ascent Ice Breaker is the same price and the same warmth (Allegedly, EN/ISO standards and all that)

The quilt is only 650 grams compared to the 1.75kg for the Ice breaker.
Was really a no-brainer. Shipping was 36$ for 2

Not thinking about the horrible dollar at the moment but what was the import tax when you made your purchase. That’s the thing I’m worried about. 6500 is something I can swallow but to have tax be added on that would be too much. Also looking at buying two of them so yeah what was the tax situation when shipping from them. Also turnaround time and did it go through the post office or with a courier company?

It was sent through DHL, import duty/ tax was R3400. 2 quilts (700$ + 36$ shipping in 2020)

Hope this helps!